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Embroidery Tips

Below are some general guidelines for embroidery. Suggestions for artwork to give the best final product as well as space limitations depending on the size/location of the garment.


Your design must start with some sort of artwork. We can create a design with just text using one of our fonts, or you can supply your own artwork.

Your artwork must not be a trademarked name or image (that includes college and professional sports teams), or you must be able to provide written permission from the trademark agent that you give us permission to duplicate the trademarked name/logo. For companies, that is usually a marketing or procurement department. Just because you work for a company that does not usually allow you to create merchandise with the company's trademarked property.

We highly prefer a vector image like Adobe Illustrator (.ai), or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps). While we can convert other formats like JPEG/JPG, and PNG, they must be a high resolution image on a solid color background. Please don't use an online converter to create an AI or EPS image as those programs usually just paste the bitmapped image into a vector container and are not a true vector image. Below are some examples of good and bad artwork.
NOTE: Technically these are all bad because they are trademarked images. Only shown here as examples of good and bad resolutions/quality.

Bad Good
Nike Bad
Low resolution leaving jagged lines (pixelated)
Nike Good
Good resolution, solid background
Superman Bad
Fading and blending of colors
Superman Good
Solid colors
Blender Bad
Photograph of logo on shirt, no clean edges, logo at an angle
Blander Good
Good resolution, solid background, solid colors
Apple Bad
Multiple color background
Apple Good
Solid color background


We have several sizes of "hoops" available to attach your garment to our machines. Below is a table of the hoops we have, their usable area, and their common applications.

Hoop Size Usable Area Typical Uses
Small Shoe 6x2.5cm Sides of canvas shoes, Handkerchiefs
9cm 7.4cm circle Smaller onesies, some sleeve cuffs
12cm 10.4cm circle Chest logo on shirts
14x9cm 12x7cm Larger onesies, thicker jackets
16x14cm 15.5x12.5cm Large backpack logos, Hand towels
15cm 13.4cm circle Larger designs on shirt front and back. Larger towels
19cm 17.4cm circle
30x30cm 28.4x28.4cm rounded square Blankets, larger towels, jacket backs
40x36cm 38.4x34.4cm rounded rectangle
55x38cm 53.4x36.54cm rounded rectangle
Cap 5x14cm Front and sides of finished baseball caps