Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We now offer only embroidery. For screen printing, heat transfer, vinyl transfer or sublimation printing we can refer you to other companies.

What can I embroider?

You can embroider an image that is not trademark restricted, or we can help you design your own. Please keep in mind that embroidery deals with solid colors of thread. Designs that blend from one color to another, or designs that have many small details usually do not transfer well to an embroidered finished product. Please see our Embroidery Tips page for additional information on providing your own artwork.

What can I embroider on?

You can embroider on just about anything. Clothing, Nylon (including bags and backpacks), Baseball caps and beanies. We can accommodate artwork up to 21″ X 14″. While we can embroider on leather and vinyl there are usually some restrictions on the artwork because of the behavior of leather and vinyl with all of the needle punctures in a small area.

What designs can I use?

We can convert almost any artwork. We cannot duplicate trademarked artwork (including names) without written permission from the trademark holder. Please check out our Embroidery Tips page for more information on artwork restrictions.

How to I wash/care for my items?

– Machine wash on delicate cycle, or hand wash
– Do not use bleach or liquid fabric softener
– Wash in a light load so other items do not rub on the embroidery
– Dry immediately on medium heat
– Iron on back side of embroidery through a towel or other fabric on low heat setting if necessary. Do not use steam setting.